Where can I sell my logos?

6 months ago

Where can I sell my logos? If you are a logo designer, this might be a question you have asked yourself frequently. If this applies to you, we will provide you with the answers! But first of all, you need to ask yourself another question; “what type of logo designer am I?” Do you work on commission? Do you usually create ready made logos or do you do both of these things?

Commission based

If you are a logo designer who works on commission only, one of the easiest ways to get your name out there is by joining several social media platform communities. Be active, share your work and provide others with feedback and insights. Building up a group of connections who share the same passion will bring you further. Most of the time, this goes hand in hand with getting clients (selling your logos). Either it comes from a follower you gained through social media, or a client that was reffered to you through one of your connections.

Also make sure you have a portfolio with enough content. Followers or connections are curious. They want to know who you are. Provide a link to your portfolio in your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram bio.

Ready made logos

Are you a designer who creates ready made logos (only)? There are selling platforms which are specifically created for your goal: selling your logos! These platforms usually gain a lot of visitors (clients) who are in need of a logo. They usually take a little percentage per sale. Therefor, these platforms are committed to sell your products (profit for you means profit for them). The concept on every platform is (mostly) the same, but there is ofcourse a lot of difference in platforms. You can read more about selling platforms here.

Here on Scale Branding you can publish your products for free. There are no costs at all. We only take 15% commission per sale. In return, we market your products through our marketing platforms and do our best to get your products sold. Are you interested in selling your logos? Feel free to join our family here!

We hope this article was helpfull for you.