What are premade designs?

What are premade designs, or ready made designs? Looking for a logo, graphics or other designs online? Then you might have heard about these terms before. So then what do they exactly mean?

Premade designs are non-custom graphics (logos, headers, banners, illustrations). They are created by designers as in exercise or to improve their skills. Sometimes an idea pops up, and has to be worked out. Inspiration can come from anywhere! In that case, there is no specific usage for the design after it has been created.

But do premade designs have no usage at all? That’s not the case. Usually, these ready made designs will be sold through third-party selling platforms. Premade logos make it easier for customers to buy brand identites. They skip the proces of contacting a designer and creating a custom identity from scratch (which usually takes quite some time). Also, they are usually a lot cheaper than custom designs.

Buy premade designs

Should I buy a premade design? Well, that’s completely up to you. As we mentioned above, ready made designs can be perfect when you’re in need of a logo and you want it quickly or if you’re on a budget.

There can be a few downsides on buying ready made designs. For example, you can simply make the wrong choice. There is also a risk of buying a copied design. All premade designs on our website are 100% original, verified designs.

Another downside is the chance of buying template designs. These usually come in the form of a logo. Template logos are logos that are sold many times. If you’re buying a template logo, your logo is not unique. To decrease the chance of buying a template design, always take a good look at the website you want to buy from. Most of the time, they will explain if it’s a single time purchase, or a template design.

Are you looking for selling your ready made logos? To make sure you pick a website that fits your needs, we created a list of third-party websites where you can sell premade logos.


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