The best online places to sell ready made logos

9 months ago

Best places to sell ready made (premade) logos. Do you want to make money with your logos? Whether you are a professional, an amateur or hobbiest, every logo designers wants to make money with their work. With the huge amount of social media that draws our attention, your knowledge about design is not enough anymore. You need to know how to sell your designs, which media you are going to use and advertising. This is not what you want tho, you want to focus on only that one important thing: design.

Fortunately, there are solutions that will solve a lot of your problems. Selling platforms that allow you to sell your premade designs. You can upload your logos as ready made products to these platforms. They will do the marketing for you, so there is nothing to stress about. If you want to earn from your profession, you can sell your logos through these platforms.

However, there are a lot of platforms out there. You need to know which one works the best for your case! That’s why we created an unranked list of places where you can earn money by selling ready made logos.

4. NewGlue

At Newglue, users have to answer a few questions about their company to be able to view logos. The logos that are viewed to the visitors, are based on the answers they provided. So if you want to upload your logos to NewGlue, there is a small chance your logo will pop up. They do not have a big catalog of logos to pick from.



  • Your logos will only compete with similar style logos.
  • Commission. NewGlue takes 20% commission per sale.


  • Small chance your logos will pup up in results.
  • No personal profile.
  • No active marketing.
  • You need to have a filled portfolio with a lot of content before you will get accepted.

3. LogoGround

LogoGround is one of the biggest logo selling platforms. They are based in South-Africa and active in the industry for over 20 years.


  • Big reach. The website draws a lot of visiters, so lots of possible sales.
  • Low commission. LogoGround takes a low commission per sale (10%).
  • Trusted by a lot of designers.
  • Seller profile. A public page that shows all of your logos and a little text about yourself.


  • No active marketing. LogoGround does not market your logos.
  • No instant upload. If you want to upload a logo, it needs to be checked and approved by the LogoGround team.
  • Lots, lots, lots of rules. Your logos are required to meet a lot of rules, which can make it hard to get a logo approved.
  • A lot of competition. Because there are lot of logos, there is automatically a lot of competition. It can be hard to sell your logos.

2. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is a place where you can sell logos. It’s not only focussed on logos tho. Their main usp is their Logo Maker feature. They also sell domains.



  • Big reach. The website draws a lot of visiters.
  • Trusted by a lot of designers.
  • Not a lot of competition per page. There are only a few logos displayed on one page, which makes your logos pop out more.
  • Seller profile. A public page that shows your logos, statistics and information.


  • Selling ready made (premade) logos is not their main focus, their Logo Maker feature is. Your uploaded logos are used as marketing to draw attention to their website, while they want their visitors to use their Logo Maker tool. Basically: not a big chance your logos will sell.
  • Huge commission. BrandCrowd takes 40% commission of your sold logos.

1. Scale Branding

Scale Branding was founded two years ago by a team of designers, for designers like you who want to earn some money with ready made logos. We have added all sorts of features that we would like to use ourselves, to made our website as user friendly as possible. Designers can create their own store page with custom store logo and banner. Every designer has acces to a personal dashboard from where you can upload your logos.

Scale Branding


  • Full control over your products. Uploading, editing and removing products without issues.
  • Low commission. Scale Branding takes 15% commission per sale.
  • Free marketing through our marketing platforms. The only way we make profit, is if your logos sell. So we have every


  • Still growing. Scale Branding is not a huge selling platform, but we are still growing.


Selling your logos throug selling platforms can be profitable! It’s up to you to choose one of these places to sell ready made logos. To learn more about ready made (premade) logos, click here.