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Sell logos! By selling your premade logos through Scalebranding, you will become part of a trusted community of sellers. You provide our customers with amazing logos in combination with a great customer experience.

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Sell your ready made logos. Show them to to thousands of potential clients all around the world!


Joining Scalebranding is completely free. We only take 18% commission per sale. This makes us one of the cheapest selling platforms.

Scalebranding was created by designers, for designers like you. We know as no other that you want to earn a decent amount of money for your art! That’s why you keep 82% of the money from your sales.

Note: when one of your products gets sold and the client requests additional changes, you will be required to make those changes. you also need a Paypal account to receive payments

If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ.

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No hidden costs or double PayPal payment fee! You receive 82%, always.

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Excellent place for designers to sell their work and for clients to buy curated exclusive designs.
Scalebranding is a pleasure to use and one of the fastest growing places for professional premade logos. They invest a lot of time in quality improvement..
A site with better SEO in logo rankings, everything went well with ScaleBranding.
Frankie Soo
Great platform for designers to sell design. Thanks and all admins. Excellent!!

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Do you qualify?

As a platform, we want to maintain high standards. Therefore, our sellers need to match several criteria before they are allowed to sell on our platform. Before you apply as a seller, make sure that you match the following criteria:


In the form below, we ask you to submit your portfolio. After you’ve been accepted to become a seller, we expect you to upload the same quality logos as the logos that are published on your submitted portfolio.




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Set up your store by following the steps in our seller manual. The seller manual contains all the information you need, including how to upload products correctly.

Scalebranding will transfer your money within 7 to 23 days after one of your products gets sold.

We only use PayPal to pay our sellers, therefor you need to have a working PayPal account.

More info here

Thank you for your regsitration. Our staff will take a look at your submitted portfolio. We will inform you about our decision within 5 days.

No. You are not allowed to sell a product multiple times through multiple platforms.

However, it is allowed to publish your product across multiple platforms.

When a product gets sold through another platform, you need to remove it from our platform. When a product gets sold through Scalebranding, you need to remove it from other platforms.

We maintain a minimum price of $100,- for any type of logo. This is for both the normal price and sale price. Logos with a lower price can give the impression that it’s resold.

There is a minimum price of $20,- for headers & banners.

No clue how much your product is worth? Reach out to us! Our team is happy to rate your product. Our contact details are down below.

Yes you can! There are only a few requirements:

  • The contest is closed (and a winner was selected).
  • The product can’t be the winning entry.

Logo based on fonts can be published, but only if your logo matches at least one of the following requirements:

  • There’s enough modification to the font.
  • One of the letters of the font has been modified.

Scalebranding will send an email notification in one of the following situations:

  • You’ve been accepted as a seller.
  • You’ve been rejected as a seller.
  • You’ve received a direct message from our staff.
  • One of your products was sold.

Seller manual

How to upload products?

Terms & Conditions

Important information

Logo Theft Check for designers

Check if your logo is unrightfully being used somewhere on the internet.

Paste or drag the image URL into the input field below.

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