Taxes and Invoices

How to deal with tax authorities as a seller

As a seller, you are most likely obligated to do tax return. This means that you have to be able to justify the sales you make on Scalebranding. This page explains how to do this correctly.

How does our platform work

On the Scalebranding platform, a logo sale is an agreement between the customer and the seller (vendor). We are the middleman. We provide a service to vendors in the form of the ability to offer logos and use our payment services. Due to this, Scalebranding can not send invoices to customers. Vendors themselves are responsible for providing customers with an invoice.
When publishing a logo on Scalebranding, the logo price you provide is including tax. This means that a certain percentage of the price are tax costs.
As a vendor, you have to create an invoice over the full logo price, since this is what the customer pays. But how do you know what percentage of this price are actually tax costs?
When selling products to customers worldwide, tax percentages differ. You have to know the tax rules of your own country, in order to know what tax percentage to use on your invoices.


Let’s say you are a vendor from The Netherlands and you publish a logo with a price of 250 US Dollar.

Your logo is purchased by a customer from the US. The Dutch tax rules state that the tax percentage for the US is 0%. This means that the sum on your invoice will look like this:

Subtotal: $ 250,-
Tax total (0%) : $ 0,-

Total: $ 250,-

When your logo is purchased by a customer from Belgium, the Dutch tax rules state that the tax percentage is 21%. This means that the sum on your invoice will look like this:

Subtotal: $ 206,60
Tax total (21%) : $ 43,40

Total: $ 250,-

Scalebranding fees

As a seller you have to justify why you send an invoice for an amount of 100%, but actually receive 82% of this amount. Scalebranding takes 18% per sale. This percentage has already been deducted from the payment to the vendor. To justify this 18%, you will need an invoice over this percentage from Scalebranding.

Since February 2021, Scalebranding does provide sellers with commission invoices over this percentage. When vendors sell a logo, they will receive a store order email notification. The Scalebranding commission invoice is attached to this email in the form of a PDF.


In case you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us through our contact page or join our Discord server. An invite is published on your store dashboard.

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