Seller manual

General information about setting up your store profile, selling your products and payment

This page provides our sellers with information about setting up their store and publishing their products. Please make sure to read the following information carefully.

Setting up your store profile

On your dashboard, navigate to “settings”. Fill in as much details as possible. Add a profile picture, header and write a small description about yourself.

Your store page will only be visible after you’ve uploaded and published at least one logo.


On your dashboard, navigate to “settings”, “Payment”. Select PayPal as your payment method and fill in your PayPal email. We use this email to payout your share when you sell one of your logos.

Scale Branding aims to payout vendors within 7 till 16 days after the sale date. We only use PayPal to payout our vendors, and we use the email you provided in your payment settings.

When one of your logos gets sold, all of the (copy)rights of this logo will instantly be transferred to the customer.

Your share


No hidden costs or double PayPal payment fee! You receive 82%, always.

Our share

Payment fees
Expenses & running costs
Margin and growing Scalebranding

Read more about payouts here

Publish logos

There are a few steps we need sellers to follow when they upload a new product correctly. Our team manually checks every new upload to see if it matches all of the described steps.

01 - Product title

A good title helps your logo to be found better in search engines like Google. We recommend you to make your titles specific.

For example, “Bear Logo” is a very broad and common title. It has a lot of competition on Google, which makes it very hard for your logo to show up between all of the search results. Try to incorporate unique elements of your logo into your title. For example, “Cute blue bear logo”.

02 - Logo price

We only sell unique logos. Once a logo is sold, it is removed from the market completely. A low price may give the impression that we sell template logos. That is why we handle a minimum price of 200 US Dollars.

Please note: if you upload your logo across multiple platforms, the logo price MUST be the same across these platforms.

03 - Logo description

Just like a title, a good description helps your logo to be found better in search engines. Write a little “story” about your logo. Describe its use cases for example. Do not add tags or a lot of words devided by commas to this description! This will not give your logo a higher position in search engines and can even have a negative effect.

04 - Presentation image

Download our logo presentation mockup to create a presentation image for your logo. Make sure to take a good look at the rules and examples within the mockup. Upload your presentation image as JPG or JPEG file.

05 - Add product tags

Add logo tags that represent your product. Tags help your logo to be found in search engines. Tags will also be used to automatically categorize your logo on our website.

You can only add 10 tags to your product, so make sure to choose them carefully.

06 - ZIP file

Upload a ZIP file which includes (at least) PNG files and vector files of your logo.

07 - Send it for review

After you’ve completed every step, you may send your logo for approval.

Our staff will approve or decline your logo. In the case of your logo being declined, we will provide you with feedback on why your logo has been declined.

By publishing your logo, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


Customers can contact you through the “Contact Designer” button on your store page. These messages are visible under the “Inquiries” tab on your store dashboard. Please try to answer their questions to the best of your knowledge. In case the customer asks a question about something you can not answer, feel free to reach out to us.

Custom order inquiry

Customers may send an inquiry for a custom logo order. Designers are free to take or reject these orders. In case you decide to take the order, you do this at your own risk.

Vendors are not allowed to share their own payment details with customers. When you and the client agree on a concept and you enter the payment & file transfer phase, you are obligated to upload the logo as a reguler product.

Make sure to add “Custom logo order” to your product title, and set the product visibility to hidden. Our staff will approve the logo. After the logo has been approved, you can share the product url with the client. This way we make sure the logo is only visible for those with access to the url, the files are protected and the client can use to all of our payment solutions.

Scalebranding handles the same percentages as described in our Payment section.

Taxes and invoices

As a seller you are most likely obligated to do tax return. This page explains how Scalebranding handles taxes over payment fees.

Already a seller?


You can register to become a seller on Scalebranding through our registration form.

Thank you for your registration! Our staff will take a look at your submitted portfolio. We will inform you about our decision within 5 days.

After you’ve been accepted, you can set up your store by following the steps in our seller manual.

The seller manual contains all the information you need, including how to upload products correctly. Make sure to read it carefully!

We use PayPal to pay commission to our sellers, therefor you need to have a working PayPal account.

We aim to transfer commissions within 14 days after the sale.

No. Scalebranding only sells Exclusive logos. All logos will only be sold one single time. This means that you are not allowed to sell a logo multiple times through multiple platforms!

However, it is allowed to publish your logos across multiple platforms.

When a logo gets sold through another platform, you need to remove it from our platform. When a product gets sold through Scalebranding, you need to remove it from other platforms.

We maintain a minimum price of $200,- for any type of logo. Logos with a lower price can give the impression that it’s a resold or template item. We do not allow reselling and template logos.

No clue how much your product is worth? Reach out to us! Our team is happy to rate your logo. Our contact details are down below.

Yes you can! There are only a few requirements:

  • The contest is closed (and a winner was selected).
  • The logocan’t be the winning entry.

Logo based on fonts can be published, but only if your logo matches at least one of the following requirements:

  • There’s enough modification to the font.
  • At least one of the letters of the font has been modified.

Scalebranding will send an email notification in one of the following situations:

  • You’ve been accepted as a seller.
  • You’ve been rejected as a seller.
  • You’ve received a direct message from our staff.
  • One of your products was sold.
  • A customer has added an order note.

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can contact us through the live chat on the right bottom corner on your screen, by sending an email to [email protected] or by sending a DM on Twitter: @ScaleBranding.

Logo Theft Check for designers

Check if your logo is unrightfully being used somewhere on the internet.

Paste or drag the image URL into the input field below.

Make sure to allow browser popups