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Super Dynamic Connection Logo

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Super Dynamic Connection Logo
Super Dynamic Connection Logo
Super Dynamic Connection Logo

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The letter S logo with the concept of combining square corners as a means of connectivity with a strong, modern, timeless style and also easy to apply in any color and media. why is this logo super? because the projection of the frame on the logo is so detailed, every angle and line is calculated mathematically, measured, precise and the final result is perfect. why is the logo so expensive? There are several aspects that make a logo expensive, namely the concept factor, uniqueness, precision, balance, timeless and simple. from that point it becomes the basis of a complex concept but is represented as simply as possible behind the meaning of a logo. that’s why a simple logo has a high price because of its advantages, namely easy to remember, easy to patent because it has nothing in common with others (unique), and easy to apply in any media. If a logo that is too complex will be very difficult to produce if it is applied to small or large media such as paper, cloth, iron, and digital media, therefore the nature of a simple logo must be easy to produce and recognize. from near or far. far. such as logos on well-known companies or brands they use an identity or symbol that is as simple as possible and it turns out that for decades or more the logo still looks perfect. The application on media can check on this link

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SKU: 134023
Date: October 22, 2021

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