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Scale Branding & Privacy

The safety and privacy of our users is very important. Any personal information, including and similar to a name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, will not be released, sold, or rented to third parties. Users can request access to, modify or erase your personal information via our Contact page.

1. What information does Scale Branding collect?
When users have to create a Scale Branding account (either because they purchased a product, or because they have applied to become a vendor), they have to provide us with certain information to complete their registration. That information may include a name, business name, website, social media accounts, physical address, IP address, email address, phone number, credit card information, payment information, financial information, business information, employment or any other information of any kind. By using our website, users consent to their information being collected, stored, used and disclosed by Scale Branding according to this Privacy Policy.

2. Trend data.
Scale Branding retains the right to collect trend data such as: email addresses, order histories, preferences, phone numbers, information that users have provided through the website or social media in addition to any information we receive through inquiries, conversations or messages from electronic communications.

We may collect information about users and how they use our website. This information may include but is not limited to: date, time, IP address, browser used, physical address and any actions taken on our website.

3. Payments.
Scale Branding will never ask users directly for credit card details online unless when they want to complete a purchase from Scale Branding. To maintain online safety and privacy, we request that users do not enter these details on any form outside of the Scale Branding website, except for making online payments through Paypal.

We use WordPress and Woocommerce in combination with Stripe and PayPal for our eCommerce solutions and we only accept payments through PayPal and Stripe.

Before entering any personal or credit card information to complete a payment, make sure that the website URL address contains an SSL Certificate (the site URL should start with “https://”) and, if payment will be completed through PayPal, is only hosted at “”. This ensures that your every transaction is safe and secure. Always practice safe browsing!

4. Privacy on external sites (hosted or affiliation).
Scale Branding is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Users are advised to read the privacy policy of external sites before disclosing any personal information.

5. Cookies.
Cookies are small data text files that are placed in your browser. Cookies allow Scale Branding to recognize users each time they visit one of our websites. We use cookies for customizing information delivered to our users, such as advertising, surveys, or member-specific data from us. Users may turn off cookies that have been placed on your computer by following the instructions on your browser, but it can be more difficult or in some cases impossible to use the Website(s).

5. Data usage & disclosures.
Scale Branding will not sell your data or share your data unless compelled by law. We will utilize collected data from our users for any of the following reasons:

  • To send status messages of our system.
  • To send an invoice, bill or any other kind of transaction.
  • To enforce compliance with this ToS and applicable laws.
  • To protect the rights and safety of other users and third parties as well as our own.
  • To meet legal requirements as required by law.
  • To promote the use of the Website.
  • To improve any services that we offer on our Website.
  • To prosecute and defend in a court of law, arbitration or other proceeding.
  • To inform you of your account or account changes.
  • To transfer your information in case of a sale, merger or acquisition.
  • To send you promotional marketing that you may choose to “opt out” of.

6. Privacy and Safety first whenever you’re online.
While we do our best to protect our users personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information that users transmit to Scale Branding and our users are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of any passwords or other account information. In addition, other Internet sites or services that may be accessible through Scale Branding have separate data and privacy practices independent of us, and therefore we disclaim any responsibility or liability for their policies or actions. If a security breach causes unauthorized intrusion into any of our systems that affects any of our customers or users on our marketing list, we will notify you as soon as possible as well as provide updates on the action taken.

Our users are responsible for making sure Scale Branding and our Website does have the most up to date information in our system. If your information changes, such as your email adress or address, you are responsible for notifying us of those changes by changing it through our dashboard. Scale Branding may keep some data or information indefinitely. Scale Branding will remove any personal information from our servers at your request.

Please contact vendors and other users directly, if you have any questions about their privacy policies.

For any further information on our terms of service or our websites and policies, please contact us.

On behalf of the Scale Branding team, we thank you for your trust and support.

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