New Price Match policy & bulk edit feature

From today, Scalebranding handles a new Price Match policy. With this policy, we try to eliminate the difference in logo pricing of logos that are published across multiple platforms. Over the past time, we noticed an increase of logos that are being published on Scalebranding, as well as on other platforms. That’s great! However, we also noticed that the prices of these logos are not the same, which can cause confusion.

We always allow and will allow designers to upload their logos to other places on the internet because we strongly believe in a free market and try to give every designer as much freedom as possible. But due to the increase of logos with different prices, we have decided to act. We noticed that designers upload their logos for a higher price on Scalebranding while uploading the same logo with a lower price on other platforms. The problem is that this causes a lot of confusion for customers; our team regularly receives emails from people asking if this difference in price is correct.

As a platform, we put a lot of work into showing your logo to as many eyes as possible and we always try new things to increase this. A thing with online shopping on the internet is that people just do not look at one single site and then proceed to purchase the logo. They look around on the web for a better price or try to find out if the logo is really exclusive.

We understand why designers upload their logos at different prices on another platform. But in our eyes, the downsides of doing this are much bigger than trying to equalize the margins by making changes to the logo prices.

Besides that, we are also convinced that the difference in price decreases the feeling of exclusivity around a logo. Because this makes it look like the same logo on another site is not being sold by the same seller.

What to do?

If you have logos that are published across multiple platforms and they have different prices, we give you the time until November 15th to adjust these prices so that they are the same.

Note: for now, we allow a $50,- USD margin. So if your logo is published somewhere else, with a price of $350,- USD, and it’s published here for $400,-, you don’t have to change anything.

If you want to change the prices of logos that are published on Scalebranding, we understand that this might take some time. So with the introduction of this new policy, we also implemented a new feature to the site:

Bulk Edit Price. With this feature, you can change the price from up to 100 logos simultaneously.

Our team will keep a close eye on logos that are published across multiple platforms and their prices. Logos with prices that are not being changed before the deadline of November 15 will be drafted.

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