Google shopping update

We hope you are doing well! Our staff is always trying to make your logos visible to as many people in the world. That’s why we recently have been experimenting with a new platform; Google Shopping.


What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a way for people to directly search for products on Google, without the need to navigate to a website. This means that Google will directly show information such as the price, description, image, and brand (designer). It’s yet another way for customers to find your logos. We are already observing good results for a lot of logos that are published in Google Shopping. We are gradually rolling it out to as many countries as possible with more countries coming soon.

You can find Google Shopping at the top of the Google Search page, directly under the search bar. (Please Note: Google applies their own image cropping to logo pictures, so some space around logos is therefore unfortunately cropped off).



Thank you for reading this update!

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