How does copyright on logos work?

copyright on logos; how does that work

Imagine the following scenario. You just came up with an amazing, unique product that will solve a lot of problems for your clients. You just need a name and logo. So you think about a name and pick a fitting logo from Google (“If it’s on Google I can just use it, right?”). You use … Read more

What are premade designs?

Premade Designs What are premade designs

What are premade designs, or ready made designs? Looking for a logo, graphics or other designs online? Then you might have heard about these terms before. So then what do they exactly mean? Premade designs are non-custom graphics (logos, headers, banners, illustrations). They are created by designers as in exercise or to improve their skills. … Read more

The best online places to sell ready made logos

The best online places to sell ready made logos

Best places to sell ready made (premade) logos. Do you want to make money with your logos? Whether you are a professional, an amateur or hobbiest; every logo designer wants to earn money with their work. With the huge amount of social media that draws our attention, your knowledge about design is not enough anymore. … Read more

Logo Theft Check for designers

Check if your logo is unrightfully being used somewhere on the internet.

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